Program Change: Dr. William Rich’s Keynote Now Friday Morning, March 21st!

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Originally scheduled for March 22nd at 11:45am, Dr. William Rich’s keynote address Innovation:  Beyond Drugs and Devices, will be held on Friday, March 21st at 8am instead.  Better wake up early, because Dr. Rich is a fantastic speaker and is always providing the most current information to our members.  In 2011, one of his lectures was US Healthcare and Politics, discussing the Affordable Care Act and the effect that politics has had on healthcare over the course of the 20th century.  This year he will be discussing, in his words:

Innovation: Beyond Drugs and Devices

I will review major gains in health over the past 100 years with a concentration on the seminal advances in ophthalmology. We will then review the complex demands on ophthalmologists in the post Obamacare era and how we can meet those demands for better outcomes, quality, and reimbursement while furthering science.

Grab a cup of coffee and head on down to the lecture hall for our opening speaker’s keynote address!

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